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Raingutter Regatta Boat
Standard BSA Boat
Windweaver Decals

Ahoy there! Do you know how to convert your boat kit into a fast and sleek sailing machine? Do you know how to use your breath to make your boat sail through the waves at its top speed?

World Class Boats is just the resource you need to create and sail a competitive boat. You will find out:
  • How to achieve top speed with the BSA Trimaran Kit.
  • How to convert your kit into the fastest of them all - the "Flatamaran".
  • Design techniques to improve the looks of your boat.
  • How to breathe to get the most speed.
  • and much more ...
Complete with diagrams and full-scale templates, World Class Boats is available for immediate download. Don't miss out by not having this valuable resource as you build your sailboat!

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Trimaran Boat Kits

We also offer the official BSA Triamaran Boat kits.
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Dry Transfer Decals

Dry transfer decals are a fast and easy way to customize your raingutter regatta boat. They apply quickly to the sail and the painted hull without the mess and bother of water transfer decals. Unlike stick-on decals, these high-quality decals can be rubbed around curves and edges, and there isn't a clear film around the edges of the decals.

Click on a decal picture to view a larger picture and application instructions.

Wind Weaver

Wind Weaver




Fittings & Markings

Fittings & Markings
(Sea Horse)


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Debbie G. - March 18, 2013 - I just wanted to let you know that thanks to your helpful download, and in spite of only having an afternoon to get ready for the race, my grandson won first place in his Cub Scout Raingutter Regatta! I did most of the sanding and preparation since he is only 6 years old, but with your easy to read instructions he was at the end of the track and the other boys were still struggling at the beginning. Thanks so much. Even a grandmother and a six year old can win with your help!

Dean S. - November 25, 2008 - My son recently competed in the regatta race and beat the competition in his den races and also took the pack championship. He was so happy since this was the first year he competed. I would like to say thanks for the Enhanced Boat Kit and making my son one happy person.

Tracy M. - April 17, 2008 - I am a single mom of one boy, and for three years now we have raced the pinewood derby and the raingutter regatta, always losing but knowing we tried our best. I wanted more then anything for my son to get one medal, so this year I bucked up and bought your book on the raingutter regatta. I followed all your tips as long as they followed our rules, and read your book over and over. I got a call from my son's best friend's dad today and I told him some of your secrets -- but not all (LOL). Tonight they raced, and out of all the boys in the pack my child came in first, fair and square, each time. He took first place in the whole pack. As my son's name was called I saw him smile so big it's gonna take number 3 grade sandpaper to get the grin off my child's face! The shocking thing was that the one Dad I shared the tips with, his son took second place. I want to say thank you for giving us a great book. My son said he does not need any more medals; he got first and that's all he ever wanted. After three years of trying both our kids won a medal. I wanted to say thank you from the bottom of my heart; you made one single mom the hero tonight.

Eric H. - October 4, 2007 - I ordered your booklet, "World Class Boats" for our raingutter regatta. My son and I were very excited with the catamaran boat that it presented. But, according to our rules, we needed to use a monohull boat. So, we tried the hydroplane boat. What a boat! My son's boat blew away the competition! He was half way down the gutter before the other boat was even out of the starting gate! (The officials are creating a rule for next year to prevent that sail design because of his dominating performance.) We can't wait for the pinewood derby races! We'll be ordering your book for that too. Thanks!

Mike C. - January 16, 2007 - Thanks! We came in 2nd out of 15 - last year we didn't even place. We'll be ordering your booklet for the Pinewood Derby next. Thanks again!

Bill K. - August 9, 2006 - I want to say a huge thank you for the information that you provide through your website and downloadable guides. We purchased your guide to the Raingutter Regatta a few weeks back and had a great time as a family learning, building, and practicing with our boats. I have two sons ages 6 and 8. My youngest son built a catamaran style boat and the older a hydroplane style. As we tested and timed them we had times consistantly under 5 seconds and even a time of 3.12 seconds with the hyroplane design. Well, last night was the big Regatta for their Pack and both boys did amazingly well. My youngest son with the catamaran took 1st place overall - he literally "blew" away the competetion. My older son with the hydroplane had one bad run and blew his boat over and ended up in 4th or 5th place. We knew the hydroplane was a little more difficult to navigate but we wanted to challenge him a little bit more. Everyone was abuzz about the sail design (yours) that we used. We were the only ones with that design. Thanks so much for your dedication to kids and parents that work together and ultimately have success, not just winning success, but growing together as a family success.

John & Ben Row - July 22, 2006 - We won 1st Place at our pack's raingutter regatta using the info in your booklet. We built the catamaran. Thanks!
Click Here for a Photo of John & Ben's Boat

Kyle R. - October 27, 2005 - I just wanted to let you know how impressed I was with your booklet. In minutes I had it downloaded and printed and we were able to go to work on our boat right away. We decided on the catamaran style. I was impressed at the detail and ease of your instructions. Well, it got even better than that. The night of the regatta, my son who by the way is a Tiger Cub, went undefeated and took 1st Place out of roughly 36 scouts. The smiles on his face were priceless. Thank you again and you can be assured I will be getting the pine wood derby booklet for this spring's competition.

Jim Heidecker - April 21, 2005 - We only had a few days to build our boat, and after reading the boat kit instructions with my sons and realizing we had no idea about the best way to build a good boat, we of course turned to Maximum Velocity for help. We found the World Class Boat booklet and decided to try it since we were very satisfied with your pinewood derby products. We worked on the boats late into the night on Thursday and Friday and were ready just in time for the race on Saturday morning (we choose the hydro-plane design). Out of 60 boats, my older son took 1st Place, and the younger (Tiger cub) took 4th Place in the pack! Thanks for the help. P.S. If our pack adds a Space Derby, I know where I will go for help - Maximum Velocity of course!

Chuck McLendon - September 1, 2004 - Your booklet on Raingutter Regatta was a jewel. Our Webelos scout studied it and used the tips to come in first in his Pack! Gosh was he proud!

Roger VanDyke - November 17, 2003 - It took my son one heat to fine tune his blowing technique. After that he never looked back and took 1st Place! Without your design suggestions it would not have been possible. Thanks!

John Coffman - September 26, 2003 - We used your raingutter regatta booklet and won our first time out! All 5 races were won by a very large margin. Thank you very much.

Stephanie Steinly - April 24, 2003 - Thank you so much for your wonderful booklet and decals. Being a novice at making anything, I appreciated the specific directions and tips in the booklet. Also, the decals were so easy to use and looked great on the boat. Good news - we took 1st Place in the regatta, and won "Most Authentic Boat!" I shared one of the tips from the booklet with one of the fathers, and they came in 2nd Place!

Kathy Sherman-Boltz - April 22, 2003 - My son took 2nd Place in the Raingutter Regatta for his den. He is thrilled, and so am I! Thanks so much for the wonderful information in your publication.

Donna Clement - March 31, 2003 - Got some great news! My oldest son, who is a Webelo, took 1st Place tonight at the regatta race. My Bear son came in 3rd Place. They raced in a pack of about 55 boys. Thank you for your great tips and info, and for the great customer support!

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