Raingutter Regatta

Enhanced BSA Boat Kit

To get top speed from your sailboat, you must have the rudder and keel placed down the centerline of the hull, and placed at the rear of the boat. In addition, the mast needs to be located along the centerline of the hull.

Our enhanced boat kit has accurate, machined slots for the rudder and keel. In addition, we drill a new mast hole in the centerline of the boat. The new mast hole does not go all the way through the boat, so you don't need to patch the underside for the new hole.

'Normal' Rudder Orientation

'Reverse' Rudder Orientation (Rudder Stays Straighter)



The boat kit is assembled following the instructions included with the kit. Please note:

  1. Unless required by local rules, plug the original mast hole (the one that goes all the way through the boat) with wood filler or glue.

  2. Since the boats are not symmetrically shaped (from the manufacturer), we cut the slots for the keel and rudder along an imaginary center line. As you shape the boat, use the slots as a guide for improving the symmetry of the hull.

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