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Raingutter Regatta Sites

Lastufka Labs - Raingutter Regatta - Extensive information on the Raingutter Regatta.

Pinewood Derby Sites

Maximum Velocity Pinewood Derby Car Plans and Supplies - Plans and specialty supplies.

Pinewood Derby Blog - A web log of pinewood derby-related thoughts and ideas.

Pinewood Derby Car Building Tips - Unique pinewood derby car building information.

Other Sites of Interest

Rockler Woodworking and Hardware - Full Supplier of woodworking supplier - click here to order a free catalog.

Are you interested in other parent-child projects? Here are some great ones!
Space Derby®

Do you know how to convert your space derby kit into a fast and sleek soaring machine? If not, visit Spaceship Derby

Rocket Car

The Rocket Car is a pinewood derby-size car that is propelled by a rocket engine at blazing speeds along a guide string. When equipped with an optional parachute, the parachute will deploy at the end of the run to slow down the car. Click on the picture or here to learn more or purchase this product

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